YSL / 1965 

Unraveled HANK OF WOOL

Arachne wove a tapestry depicting extreme debauchery but so 
excellent that Athena, also a weaver, was offended and destroyed it, 
turning Arachne into a spider.

Web woven on high dose of caffeine / woven on mescaline

Rosemarie Trockel, Scaredy Cat / 1983, from Rosemarie Trockel by Sidra Stitch

ABOUT Ghost and Pool of Blood / 1988
Like many of Fritsch's sculptures, this piece has an ambiguous 
reality somewhere between the imaginary and the factual. An 
ethereal apparition is turned into a material object. The form of 
the ghost comes from draping a sheet over a model. To determine 
the shape of the pool of blood, the artist lay down on the floor 
while liquid was poured around her. The puddle produced 
became the outline for the pool.

'Why should a ghost look like that? Actually we have no idea 
what they look like. I find it interesting that in this work I have
made something real that does not in fact exist.' 
/ Katharina Fritsch
(via the Tate Modern)

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